Hot air ballooning is one of the most unique and popular attractions in Cappadocia. Feel the exhilaration of morning-fresh country air.

Cappadocia Ez-Air Balloons offers these wondrous adventures in a traditional Champagne Hot Air Balloon Flight above the beauty of Cappadocia. Imagine floating as gently as a cloud above the glorious vistas of beautiful valleys in Cappadocia!

There is no better way to see the Cappadocia than by a gentle, free-floating balloon flight over the unique rock formations, valleys and vineyards.



Instead of organising short and long flights with different prices, we preferred to have a single flight which lasts minimum 1 hour. On the shorts flights, you just have the feeling of flying over Cappadocia but miss a lot on the other hand. Our pilots say that “Duration of ‘minimum one hour’ is an ideal time both to have the feeling of flying and to see ‘a lot’ in this unique landscape”.

Cappadocia Ez Air Balloons, hot air balloon flight costs 150 EURO per person. Prices are includes all the things you need. For more information and detail explanation please visit “rates” pages.



Inflating the balloon in the crisp pre-dawn air.
Launching at sunrise when the winds are soft and light.
Reveling in the fascination of flight and majestic views.
Celebrating your journey with a Champagne Brunch Celebration!
Receiving your certificate of ascension.

If you have a special day in mind, it’s best to book a couple of weeks in advance, otherwise we will give you the next available flight time which is convenient for you. If the weather doesn’t co-operate on your selected day an alternate time will be arranged.


Ez-Air Balloons was established in 1991 with the aim of organizing top quality & the safest balloon tours and has been doing this with different sizes of balloons since then. We all do our best to provide the most memorable flights. We use up-to-date, modern equipment flown by experienced and Turkish Aviation licensed pilots.



The name “Cappadocia” dates back to Persian times, when the region was called as “katpatukya” meaning “Land of beautiful horses”. Since that time Cappadocia has seen the rise and fall of many different civilizations.

In recent times, Cappadocia is best known for its unique landscape of valleys and rock formations, known as fairy chimneys.

I have never seen a sunrise neither have never done something adventures in my life.
The hot air balloon is worth every penny! Highly recommended!

We had Hasan Ezel who said he was the first balloon pilot in Turkey and has been flying every day for 29 years. Couldn’t be in safer hands. AMAZING and unforgettable experience.

Amazing place, amazing view!! In wnet on my Birthday there, so can say that was the best present I could have! recommend!!!

It can be overwhelming to pick up one company to do the balloon trip. My sister and I we didn’t escapee this dilemma. After several hours of reviewing different options we decided to go through Ez Air Balloon.

It was so quite and peaceful floating over this magnificent landscape. Definitely worth the experience if you have the chance.

Hot air ballooning is the only way to see the splendors of Cappadocia. What a wonderful experience. EZ and our pilot could not have been nicer or make us feel any safer. Loved it.


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